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Welcome to the Brasiliance website!


This website is here to provide in-depth, accessible information about the Brasiliance Oral History Project called London Pathways conducted by StoneCrabs Theatre Company. Whether for educational, research or personal interest purposes, you can find all the material about the project here – all in one place. We hope the website will provide you with a source of working material that can be used to engage and encourage young people to discover more about Heritage and Oral History and the themes that revolve around it. We also hope that London Pathways will inspire you to discover more about small communities of where you live and maybe even organise your own Oral History project!

Here’s a summary to help you navigate around our website and where to find what!

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 Who are StoneCrabs Theatre Company? Find out about the team behind the project.

What is this project all about? Understand the reasons behind the research.



Silvia Bazzarelli


 The Interviews: Watch the original interviews and access the core material ofour Oral History project.

The Oral History Interviews can be used together with the Brasiliance Book: London Pathways.





Download the book right here

Brasiliance:London Pathways, heritage, identity and imagination


 If you would like to get in touch about our project or a project of your own, we would love to hear from you! Find our contact details below.